PSECCO BAJEDI Workshop for polar early career scientists
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PSECCO is excited to announce its second belonging, accessibility, justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (BAJEDI) workshop specifically designed for polar early career scientists. This free online workshop will be run by the excellent folks with THRIVE Lifeline ( in conjunction with PSECCO.                   

Learn more about the BAJEDI Workshop, and register to attend the workshop here.

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The Polar Science Early Career Community Office is excited to announce that the 2023 Polar Postdoctoral Leadership Workshop (PPLW) will be taking place in the Front Range of Colorado, from May 15 to 19, 2023. The workshop will bring 20 US-based postdoctoral researchers studying Antarctic and Arctic topics together from across the country to activate leadership skills that they can bring into their future careers. Participation in the workshop is free and travel support will be provided (more details below). 

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Hello all,

*Polar Education Conference: Improving JEDI for students interested in
Polar STEM Careers*

July 28-30, 2022 -  Juneau, AK (and zoom)