2024 Leadership Series Workshop 3 - Leadership from Above and Below: Building Safe and Constructive Work Atmospheres


“A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.” Brené Brown

Are you wanting to develop concrete leadership skills that can be helpful for managing up and down? Do you hope to prepare yourself to mentor future students or employees, or find ways to effectively lead fieldwork teams or lab groups? 

A positive workplace environment is integrally tied to workplace productivity and morale. In the last of three leadership skills workshops, we shared practical tools for building safe and constructive work environments. We provided practical techniques for debriefing, including feedback tools, effective ways of trust-building and communicating, and the value of practicing emotional intelligence. In addition, we explored specific methods for giving and soliciting constructive feedback across various mediums and contexts. This workshop targeted both those who have previous leadership experience and newcomers to the leadership landscape.

The recording of this workshop can be accessed here.


About PSECCO's 2024 Leadership Workshop Series

PSECCO is ecstatic to announce that in the spring of 2024 we hosted a three-part Leadership Workshop Series created by polar early-career scientists for polar early-career scientists! The tools introduced in this series are applicable to polar research environments both in the lab and in the field. The series was broken down into three main themes, each taking place during a different month. The dates for the workshop included: 

  • Foundations in Leadership: Let’s Get Back to the Basics - February 21st – 11am to 1pm
  • The Leadership Toolbox: Team-building and Navigating Conflict – March 13th  – 11am to 1pm
  • Leadership from Above and Below: Building Safe and Constructive Work Atmospheres – April 3rd – 11am to 1pm 

This workshop series was hosted by PSECCO and co-organized by early career polar researchers with years of leadership experience in academia or in the field, including Tasha Snow and Elisa McGhee.