"How to Write a One-Pager" Workshop with NSF Office of Polar Programs (OPP) Part 2

How to write a one-pager pt. 2

Join NSF Office of Polar Program (OPP) Program Officers (supported by PSECCO and IARPC Collaborations) to learn how to write a one-pager to summarize an idea you want to pitch to a funding agency. This workshop is open to polar early career scientists and you must have attended the first workshop to attend the second workshop. The parts of the workshop are as follows:

Part 1 – June 20, 202410am to 11am AKT | 12pm to 1pm MT | 2pm to 3pm ET
In this first workshop on June 20th, you joined NSF OPP Program Officers to better understand the benefits and opportunities of developing a one-pager, ask questions about the writing process, and sort yourself into a small group of other early career researchers to write a one-pager together. View the recording here!

Part 1.5 – June 21 to July 10, 2024
Convene asynchronously with your group to complete the drafting a one-pager exercise that you submitted to the program officers to review by July 10th, that they provided feedback on during the second session. Please note that those who attend the first session were sorted into groups, and each group drafted up one one-pager. 

Part 2 – July 17, 202410am to 12pm AKT | 12pm to 2pm MT | 2pm to 4pm ET
In this second session, you received feedback from program officers on your one-pager and discussed areas of growth for your group in the future. Note: to attend this workshop you needed to have attended Part 1 of the workshop series on June 20th as one builds on the other, and you needed to have written a one-pager with the group to which you were assigned. The recording for this event will be available soon.

Please reach out to psecco@colorado.edu with any questions you might have about the event.