Announcing the PSECCO Leadership Workshop Series to happen in Spring 2024!


PSECCO is ecstatic to announce that in the spring of 2024 we will be hosting a three-part Leadership Workshop Series made for polar early career scientists by seasoned polar early career scientists with experience in leadership training! The tools introduced in this series will be applicable to general workspaces but especially tailored to polar research environments in the lab and field. The series will be broken down into three main themes: 

  • Foundations in leadership: Getting back to the basics – February 28th – 11am to 1pm 

  • The leadership toolbox: Team building and navigating conflict – March 13th – 11am to 1pm  

  • Leadership from above and below: Building safe and constructive work atmospheres – April 3rd – 11am to 1pm 

The first workshop will prioritize discussion around the foundations of leadership, such as diving into successful leadership techniques and harnessing individual strengths. Whether new to the leadership landscape or more experienced, this workshop was created for all to learn from! You can learn more about the February workshop here, and register for it here.

The second workshop will focus on effective team building, will feature a panel discussion on navigating through conflict, and will end with role playing scenarios to reinforce learning. You can learn more about the March workshop here, and register for it here.

The third workshop will highlight how to build safe and constructive work environments. Attendees should look forward to learning about practicing emotional intelligence and giving or soliciting constructive feedback. You can learn more about the April workshop here, and register for it here.

We hope you are as excited as we are! 

This workshop series is hosted by PSECCO and co-organized by Tasha Snow and Elisa McGhee.