PSECCO BAJEDI Training for polar early career scientists

Update: The $10 registration fee for this workshop has been waived.


The Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO) is offering a belonging, accessibility, justice, equity, diversity & inclusion (BAJEDI) Training Workshop for polar early career scientists run in conjunction with THRIVE Lifeline, a non-profit dedicated to “changing the landscape of mental health support for people with intersecting marginalized identities” with excellent experience in running BAJEDI workshops for people in the STEMM field. 

This free online virtual workshop will be run via Zoom as a two-part series, taking place on the following dates/times:
- Part one: Monday, September 19th - 8am to 11am AKT | 10am to 1pm MT | 12pm to 3pm ET
- Part two: Thursday, September 29th - 8am to 11am AKT | 10am to 1pm MT | 12pm to 3pm ET

It is designed as a two-part series to provide depth of content engagement, and to encourage sustainability in engagement with this work.

In this workshop, you can expect to deepen your awareness and understanding of BAJEDI concepts, identify workplace barriers that impede BAJEDI, learn and begin to practice tools for improving your workplace culture, and inspire each other through daring discussions!

To register you must be able to attend both parts of the workshop, and the workshop will be capped at 50 participants. Please do not submit this registration form if you are unable to fully commit to attending the workshop on these dates, as this will take away the opportunity for others to do so. If we receive over 50 applications, any additional applicants will be put on a waiting list. All those who attend will receive a certificate of completion for their participation in the BAJEDI Training Workshop.   

Register to attend the training workshop here. 

This workshop is going to be designed according to what we learn from registrants that they need to grow in engaging in most. As such, please answer the following questions as honestly as you can. None of the information you share will be shared with identifiable information attached to it and will only be reviewed by those who are designing the BAJEDI training workshop. If you have any questions about the PSECCO BAJEDI Training and/or registration process, please email

A graphic showing the text 'BAJEDI training for polar ECRs', September 19, 2022 and September 29, 2022; register now! Logos for the Polar Science Early Career Community Office (PSECCO) and THRIVE Lifeline are located below that text. All this text is overlain over a photo of a person in the distance standing on sea ice in the Arctic | Photo credit: Lianna Nixon